December 1, 2022

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10 Ways to Prepare for a Career in Travel Nursing

10 Ways to Prepare for a Career in Travel Nursing |

Rewarding is the ideal word to describe being a travel nurse, and at the same time, this work allows you to see the country or even the world- permitting you to work in climates that are warm during the winter and tolerable ones during the summer. Here is everything you need to know about choosing a travel nurse job and 10 ways to prepare for a career in travel nursing.

1. Research travel agencies

Do proper research on travel agencies and do not make a commitment to one agency right away. You have to keep your option open until you have found the right company and recruiter because travel nursing agencies vary in riles, benefits, and assignment quality. Tell them that you are looking out for your own interests and stand firm, be honest and forthright.

2. Consider turning into a float nurse at your current job

In order to be a travel nurse,  you need to be snug in one-of-a-kind hospitals at the same time as you’re appearing your process with ability and ease. Ask yourself the subsequent questions:

  • Are you used to a particular nurse-to-patient ratio?
  • Do you hate to float due to the fact resources are in a strange spot?
  • Do you need to already know your coworkers?
  • Are you dissatisfied that the patients’ rooms aren’t in an acquainted layout?
  • Would you view those troubles as a challenge rather than being frustrated?

3. Explore travel nursing

Here are a few travel nursing blogs that you could visit to learn more about travel nursing, what to watch out for, the pros and cons, and what to expect:

  • The Traveling Nurse

    • The Traveling Nurse covers the country travels of a pediatric nurse, mixing travel observations and recommendations for travel nurses.

  • American Traveler

    • This is a weblog for tour nurses written by way of means of one of the pinnacle travel nursing corporations which may be accompanied by a recommendation for traveling nurses, especially those new to the world of traveling nursing. Adapting existence at the road, geographical places which might be wished for travel nurses, and the way to get commenced as a travel nurse.

  • The Fabuleux Nurse

    • The Fabuleux Nurse is a blog that has a personal story of a traveling nurse who has multiple sclerosis, informing and giving people the inspiration as she describes her existence as a travel nurse, coping techniques for stress, and professional and lifestyle tips.

  • Jackson Nurse Professionals

    • This is another travel nursing agency that could give you practical advice for travel nurses, relating subjects like wintry weather places for travel nursing, preserving relationships at the same time as on mission, and famous podcasts for travel nurses.

  • The Traveling NP

    • The Traveling NP is a blog on which this is written in the middle of a professional nurse who discusses professional troubles like relationships with recruiters, journeying in the course of the pandemic, and networking, giving suggestions for exceptional inns and travel credit score cards, sharing her personal testimonies and her reviews at one of a kind work sites.

4. Network with present-day travel nurses

Ask your friends who are in the same career path as you if any of their friends are travel nurses so that if you do not know any travel nurses to network with and ask for an introduction so that you could get in with the inside scoop. Talk with nurses who are currently traveling, invite them to dinner or coffee as a return favor for being informally interviewed. But if your friends do not also know any travel nurses, you could reach out to travel nurses through social media.

5. Don’t lose contact with your previous workplace

Don’t burn your bridges for your former locations of employment in case you are making plans for a profession as a travel nurse so if making a decision to take a ruin or determine you do now no longer like this place of nursing, you could want to go back to your old job. Think ahead.

6. Get your specific specialty nurse certification

When you diversify your areas of expertise and earn specialty nurse certifications, you will increase your potential career worth and could set you apart from other travel nurses.

7. Keep the portfolio of your medical records updated

You should make sure that you hold a portfolio of immunizations, flu shots, and tuberculosis skin tests handy at all times because different travel agencies have different ways of handling medical records.

8. Keep your basic certifications updated

The “Basic Life Support” and “Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support” certificates are required by all nurses to work in most institutions, so it is necessary so you have to make sure that you get all of these required certificates, and then some, when you are planning to work at a specific nursing specialty.

9. Gain specialty experiences in needed areas

You should recall gaining nursing uniqueness in regions that tour nurses are maximum wished for or even in a pair of various regions as education for a travel nursing profession. You could have greater alternatives for mission and place in case you have greater flexibility within the capabilities that you have. 

What type of travel nurse is needed the most?

  • Nurses who are working in Labor and Delivery
  • Operating room nurses
  • Neonatal intensive care unit nurse
  • Post-anesthesia care unit nurse
  • ICU nurses
  • Emergency room nurses
  • Pediatrics nurse
  • Step-down unit nurse
  • Telemetry nurses

10. Have a savings account

If you did not know, most travel nursing agencies offer a housing allowance for furnished housing, but there would be expenses to pay upfront even if they reimburse you. When you are in a place that you know nothing about without cash as a safety net is not a pleasant feeling.

  • Do you have cash set apart for a hotel room till your place is replaced?
  • Will you want to attach cable, internet, and TV?
  • How approximately do the water, sewage, and strength deposits? Will you want to cowl them or does the corporation?
  • What is the case did you arrive at your prearranged housing best to find out its miles inadequate?

How much do travel nurses make in Missouri?

City in Missouri Annual Salary Monthly Pay Weekly Pay Hourly Wage

Independence       $100,349     $8,362     $1,930     $48.24

St. Joseph       $93,031     $7,753     $1,789     $44.73

St. Louis       $89,380     $7,448     $1,719     $42.97

Kansas City       $88,366     $7,364     $1,699     $42.48

Lee’s Summit       $88,164     $7,347     $1,695     $42.39

O’Fallon       $84,527     $7,044     $1,626     $40.64

St. Charles       $84,128     $7,011     $1,618     $40.45

Joplin       $83,591     $6,966     $1,608     $40.19

Cape Girardeau       $81,712     $6,809     $1,571     $39.28

Columbia       $80,597     $6,716     $1,550     $38.75

The opportunities in travel nursing as fast as they need for travel nurses are obvious. Travel nursing may just be for you, whether you are a specialty nurse who is looking for higher pay, or a nurse who is looking for a variety of vocations that will also allow you to see the world.