October 3, 2023

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How Can Travel Insurance Be Used To Cover Hospitalization Expenses Abroad?

How Does Travel Medical Insurance Work? | Travelers Insurance

In case you become unwell while travelling, international travel insurance will cover your medical expenses. Additionally, it addresses medical crises and urgent medical evacuations. In the event of a medical emergency, while you are travelling, comprehensive international travel insurance offers financial assistance.

The advantages of having travel insurance from India in case of a medical emergency are as follows:

Emergency hospitalisation: In the event that you sustain an injury, become suddenly ill, or have a medical condition, hospitalisation can be necessary. Whatever the cause, becoming sick when travelling abroad can be terrifying. Therefore, it’s advisable to be ready, especially if you’re travelling with children or fellow residents. Purchase reliable international travel health insurance, and in the event of an emergency, notify your insurer right away. These are a few things to keep in mind while your insurer helps you locate emergency medical care:

  • Duly filled claim form
  • The phone number for your primary care physician
  • A completed and signed Release of Medical Information form (ROMI). This is necessary to give the Insurance Medical Assistance Department permission to share your medical information with your treating physician and your doctor from India
  • Your medicines and medical records
  • A copy of your insurance and passport
  • Information about your insurance
  • Information about your health insurance plan
  • Estimated cost of medical care 

Exclusions from international travel insurance:

  • If the trip is for medical treatment. Medical tourism refers to travelling overseas for medical care, and special travel insurance is available for it
  • Any therapy that is not urgent and can wait until the covered person returns to his country of origin
  • Any non-urgent dental procedure or treatment that can wait
  • Any form of birth abnormality or congenital anomaly treatment
  • The use of hormone replacement
  • Any elective medical procedure

Is obtaining travel insurance a requirement for international travel?

In a foreign country, a single policy might shield you from a variety of unanticipated hazards. Let’s examine how:

  1. Protection from medical expenses – Travel insurance from India provides coverage for all types of unexpected medical costs, including outpatient and inpatient care, testing, accidents and illnesses, medical help, medical evacuation, air ambulance, etc. *
  • Accidental passing away or disability – Travel insurance also covers costs associated with an unplanned passing away or disability while travelling abroad. Additionally, it pays for repatriation costs.*
  • Travel-related emergency – In addition to covering medical emergencies, family travel insurance also provides coverage for non-medical emergencies like lost luggage, laptops, or crucial papers, flight delays, missed flights, or baggage delays, as well as unused hotel reservations. If there are delays, the insurance provider will reimburse you for food and other necessities as long as all of your bills are submitted. *
  • Personal liability – Personal liability insurance protects you in case you endanger someone else or their property. The travel insurance policy provides coverage for losses brought on by passing away, injury, or harm to one’s health or property. *
  • Assistance throughout the journey – Your travel insurance policy offers assistance throughout your trip in addition to financial protection. The majority of insurers provide a specialised assistance team to offer support if you need it. It offers medical cash, contingency travel benefits, hijackers’ distress allowances, and financial emergency support. *

For your eagerly anticipated foreign vacation, it is usually preferable to get the best travel insurance in India because any situation could develop and be prepared is the best approach to handle unpredictability.

This is true particularly in cases of medical emergencies because receiving basic medical care or treatment outside of India can be quite expensive. Additionally, if you have family travel insurance, you may easily get the aid you need in case of an emergency.

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