One of the latest handsets from the Chinese manufacturer is the Vivo Y12. It is one of the latest phones to come from China and the company’s other mid-budget phones are also excellent in many ways. The Vivo Y12 offers a great value for money. It looks great and has excellent performance in many regards, including the camera review. In this article we will look at some Vivo Y12 specifications and review the handset.

Vivo Y12 Features

The vivo y12 features a beautiful, high-contrast screen. The phone has a 5.2″ capacitive touchscreen that responds quickly and easily. It has a large, high definition display. The phone also runs Fun Touch OS 9 on it, which is based on Android 6.0 ” Marshmallow” and packs almost all of the features of the brand’s higher-end phones. The Vivo Y12 also comes with a microSD slot and a large battery, which give it some punch.


The Vivo Y12 comes with a wide array of accessories. There is a very nice set of headphones attached to the ear piece which make for a unique look and feel. Other accessories include a quick charger cable and a micro SD card which allows you to store more photos or videos and so forth. The phone comes with a free Google Play app which you can use to download any apps that are available for the phone and enjoy them.

Dual SIM

One of the best selling points about these phones is that they come in Dual SIM varieties. If you opt for the contract deal, you can get yourself a SIM card from either Vodafone or Orange. The amazing thing about these phones is that they work really well when you travel. You can take advantage of free incoming calls and text messages wherever you go in the UK and Europe.

One of the worst things about the old Motorola RAZR is that it really wasn’t the very best. In fact, the RAZR failed to support any of the major networks in the UK. This meant that you would have to choose the network that was nearest to you and then set up your phone accordingly. It was clumsy to use and very hard to browse the web with. Thankfully, Vivo has taken this opportunity to improve upon the phone and provide users with an excellent user experience. Now you can roam freely and make and receive calls from whichever network suits you best.

One of the other great things about the Vivo Y12 phones is that they are available in two different SIM formats. You can choose to get yourself a single SIM card that supports Orange and Vodafone or you can opt for Dual SIMs which means you get Orange and T-Mobile. For those who travel extensively, Dual SIMs are definitely the best choice. You can activate the SIM cards of the phone while it is still at the manufacturing stage and use them when you go out and need a new phone.